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1D Preference #28: What he tells the interviewer about you ♡

Niall: “So, Niall, you’ve been dating {Y/N} for a while. What’s it like?” Niall immediately grinned and blushed, looking down at his shoes. “She’s - perfect. There’s really no other way to describe her,” he chuckled as the boys teased him. “Really? She doesn’t have any flaws or anything?” “Nah,” Niall answered without a doubt, “There’s absolutely nothing wrong. I love everything about her.” “And your guys’ sex life?” the interviewer asked boldly as Niall was drinking water. The question caught Niall by surprise and caused him to almost choke on his drink. With an extra red face, he answered,”Erm, it’s great. She’s…amazing in bed. That’s all I’ll say about that,” he quickly added before chuckling as the boys teased him more.
Harry: “Harry, we hear you’ve been hanging around {Y/N} a few times. Anything going on there?” “Actually yes,” Harry cleared his throat and flashed the interviewer a big smile. “Ah, like what?” “She’s my girlfriend,” Harry announced with a proud smile. “I wouldn’t have expected you to settle down, we haven’t seen you in a relationship in so long!” the interviewer exclaimed, causing the boys to laugh. “Yes, well” - he paused to shake his curls and smooth them out - “I fell hard for her, harder than I’ve ever fallen for anyone. I’m in love with her. I can’t say that about any other girls I have dated.”
Liam: The interviewer had just asked all of the other boys about their love lives and now it was his turn. “And Liam, anyone special in your life?” the interviewer asked with interest. “Yes, I’m currently seeing someone,” Liam answered. You stood behind the cameras and felt butterflies tingling in your stomach as the topic of Liam’s love life came around. You had been seeing Liam for over two months, but he was scared to call it official because he was still scarred by his relationship with his ex girlfriend Danielle. “That’s wonderful! How is that coming along?” “It’s great. She’s great,” he quickly added, feeling himself become tense as he discovered what he had to do. “Actually, more than great. It’s been amazing. Her name is {Y/N}, and she’s my girlfriend,” Liam grinned widely as he said this, looking off camera at you with a twinkle in his eyes as his band mates congratulated him with a slap on the back.
Louis: “So Louis, last time we interviewed you lot, you were single. That was nearly a year ago, has anything changed?” “Yes, a beautiful lady has walked into my life,” Louis answered with a smile, clearing his throat before continuing, “Her name is {Y/N}.” “That’s good! How long have you guys been together?” “About five months or so. She’s lovely.” “Yes, I’m sure! No offence Louis but I think we’d rather hear about your guys’ sex life.” The boys all laughed, including Louis whose cheeks turned cherry red. “Yeah, it’s great. She’s an animal, really, loves to do it anywhere-” “Louis!” you half-shrieked and half-whispered as you watched the interview from behind the cameras. “Oh, look, now she’s shushing me from behind the stage. Don’t worry, {Y/N}, I won’t tell ‘em that you’re a screamer.” Everyone laughed, including the interviewer and film crew, as you shook your head and covered your face with your hands.
Zayn: “So which one of you guys are single?” the interviewer asked as he crossed his legs. Niall, Harry, Liam, and Louis raised their hands but Zayn sat with a tiny smile. “Zayn, who are you currently seeing? Is it the woman you’ve been seen walking around London with?” the interviewer asked as the TV beside him lit up with a picture of you and Zayn holding hands. “Yes, that’s her! Her name is {Y/N}. My beautiful lemon drop,” Zayn cooed as the rest of the boys groaned. “That’s not what you call her when she screams your name at night,” Louis teased quietly, causing the other boys to shout and laugh. The interviewers face lit up as he beamed, “What’s this I hear? A rowdy couple?” Zayn couldn’t stop giggling as his cheeks reddened. “Oh, you’d think they would’ve broken the bed by now, hearing that damn thing shake every night!” Harry exclaimed. The boys and interviewer laughed harder as Zayn tried to cover his face in embarrassment.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Niall got his braces off I'm crying and Louis shaved the side of his head I'm crying and I'm crying this was terrible hahaha. I wrote it on my phone and didn't really get to proofread it, so sorry in advance. Also in no way am I bashing on Eleanor, Perrie, or Danielle, I love all of them :) anyways I apologise for any spelling/grammar mistakes. Thanks for reading, loves c:
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