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1D Preference #29: He causes a scene in public ♡

Niall: Niall spontaneously decided to take you on a date to the new aquarium. As soon as Niall bought your guys' tickets, he pulled you by the hand to the shark section. "They're so cute," Niall said in awe as he looked up at the huge tank full of fish and sharks. He tightened his grip around your shoulder and would occasionally kiss the top of your head as he watched the sharks, and the way he watched them reminded you of a little child. A man nearby was taking pictures with his digital camera, and it was mildly annoying to you because the flash kept lighting the dark room. It was more than mildly annoying, however, to Niall; you heard him scoff and looked up to see him gritting his teeth and mumbling something under his breath, something he always did when he was angry. "What's that, love?" you asked. He looked down at you with a frown, "It clearly says no flash photography." He pointed at a sign. He then cleared his throat and said aloud, "Look, {Y/N}, that sign says NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY. Interesting, is it not?" You giggled at Niall's acting, but the man didn't find it amusing. He gave you and Niall a dirty look and kept taking pictures. "I'm sorry, sir, is there a problem?" Niall asked the man with a frown, "Is there a reason you're looking at my girlfriend and I like that?" "Yeah, I know you have a problem with me, so why don't you just say it, pal?" the man shot back. "Maybe I wouldn't have a problem with you if you just turned your fuckin' flash off, mate," Niall spat, letting go of you. "Niall, please," you mumbled as people began to stare. You lightly tugged on his shirt and said again, "Please. It's not a big deal." But Niall gently pushed you off, mumbling a quiet, "Stay here, {Y/N}." You knew there was no stopping him now because he was all worked up. "And what the hell is wrong with using flash?" The man angrily asked. Everyone was staring now, and you sighed, shifting uncomfortably. Niall was getting worked up over fish. "Are you that daft that you can't read a sign? The sign," Niall pointed for dramatic effect before continuing, "says no flash photography. It's not good for the animals." "It's not good for the animals," the man mocked Niall in an Irish accent. You knew what was coming, so it almost didn't surprise you when Niall punched the man's nose. Niall quickly turned around with a grin and ran, taking your hand and dragging you along. "Niall, for fucks sake!" you exclaimed as he led you out of the aquarium and into the streets. He didn't stop running until you guys were on another street. As soon as you were out of sight, he lightly pushed you against a brick wall and kissed you softly. "That was fun," he murmured against your lips. You chuckled and shook your head. "All that for a couple of sharks," you replied, smiling. He grinned back at you and kissed your nose.
Harry: You and Harry were shopping for groceries when he suddenly grabbed a can of refried beans and started shouting in excitement, jumping up and down with a creepy laugh. "Um...what?" you asked Harry as he was laughing and jumping. "TEN FOR TEN, MOTHER FUCKER!" he screamed in your face and started cackling again, and at this point you were incredibly embarrassed; you could feel the dirty looks coming your guys' way. As you pushed the cart and walked out of the aisle, Harry was still laughing maniacally, only this time he had ten cans in his arms. He'd occasionally stop and whisper, "Ten for ten, {Y/N}...teeeen foooor teeeeeen!" And then he'd start laughing and screaming again. After about two minutes of this, an employee came up to you guys. "Sir, you're causing a scene, and many people are complaining." "Those people are just jealous that they don't have ten cans of refried beans for ten dollars," Harry shot back. You groaned and rolled your eyes. "Sir, if you don't calm down, I'm going to have to kick you out." "For what? Loving beans? How can I live in this country if I can't love beans?" he shouted back. He dropped the cans of beans and continued, "LET MY PEOPLE GO! IF I CAN'T HAVE BEANS, NO ONE CAN!" He quickly ran into the aisle and knocked all of the cans of refried beans down. Harry then grabbed your hand and ran out of the grocery store. You never shopped there again.
Liam: Liam took you on a date to his favorite ice cream parlor, but he couldn't decide on what to get. After ten minutes of thinking about it, he finally ordered pistachio and vanilla, but they gave him pistachio and chocolate. He bit into it, then realised it was the wrong order. "Excuse me, sir, but I ordered vanilla," Liam said with a small smile. "I'm sorry, sir, you've already bitten into it," the employee said with a shrug. "But you got my order wrong," Liam pouted. "Yes, but-" "FINE!" Liam grabbed your guys' ice cream from your table and threw them across the room at the wall. "TAKE THAT!" he screeched. "Liam oh my god," you whispered with frustration as you took your almost-in-tears boyfriend by the hand and ran out of the parlor, leaving everyone in bewilderment.
Louis: You and Louis were at the pool in his apartment complex, but you weren't a very good swimmer. Louis told you to keep practicing while he went to the bathroom, but when he came out, he saw you struggling to keep your head above the water. He jumped in and pulled you out, shouting," {Y/N}, are you okay?!" You coughed and hacked up water before weakly replying, "I'm fine, Lou." Louis angrily looked up at the lifeguard, who was flirting with some girl below his tower. "Hey, you! Lifeguard! My girlfriend almost died under your supervision!" Louis angrily shouted. The lifeguard looked down and replied with, "...huh?" Louis groaned, helping you up and taking your goggles off your head. He looked at the lifeguard for a second before chunking the goggles at him. The goggles hit him in the face right as he was laughing at a joke the girl made. "Dude, what the hell?!" he shouted as you and Louis ran off in giggles.
Zayn: "So you mean to tell me...you stopped selling the cheesy gordita crunch?" Zayn slowly asked the employee at the cash register in Taco Bell. The guy nodded and Zayn exhaled with frustration. "Do you know much I've been looking forward to this?" he angrily asked the guy. "WELL?! DO YOU?!" The employee quickly shook his eyes, startled by Zayn's outburst. You tried to refrain from laughing, but then Zayn walked over to a booth where a family was eating and knocked over all of their food. "Oh my god," you whispered as Zayn screamed, "I WANT MY CHEESY GORDITA CRUNCH NOW!!!" As the employees started calling for back up, Zayn took you by the hand and ran out of the restaurant, and you couldn't help but laugh.
AUTHORS NOTE: I don't know what this is and I'm sorry haha I'm just so tired. AND HARRY'S LIKE WTF LOL I DON'T KNOW IM SORRY. I apologise in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors; thanks for reading, loves!
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